On the resolution to read more female authors: recommendations welcome

I have  a huge to-be-read list. I don’t have the actual books; I mostly buy the book once I’m ready to read it, and I’ll do that even more now that I have the new Sony e-reader I got for christmas. The fact that I can buy a book anywhere I have wifi, means that it’s easy enough to buy a book that I don’t feel the need to stock up on books to be ready when I finish one.

Anyway, I want to make sure I get myself caught up on what’s going on with awesome female authors these days. It seems, when I go to grab a book, it always seems to be the male authors that I pick up. I’m not sure if that’s because the male author is more hyped, or the covers tend to be more action oriented, and covers of books by female authors seem like they’re going to be about catty women, or what it is. Even though I know that there are lots of awesome female writers out there. I don’t really know why this happens.

Anyway, I want to change my own habits, because, as I said, there’s a bunch of authors I’ve been wanting to read, so I have a list so far:

  • Who Fear’s Death, by Nnedi Okorafor
  • The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins
  • Something by Holly Lisle
  • Something by Elizabeth Bear
  • Shadow Magic, by Jaida Jones and Danielle Bennett
  • His Majesty’s Dragon, by Naomi Novik
  • The Left Hand of Darkness, by Ursula K. Le Guin

Honestly, that would likely get me most of the way through the year – I don’t read fast these days, I’m too busy writing. But if anyone has suggestions on others that should be on this list*, please make them. I’d like to catch some of the new rising stars in fantasy and science fiction.

(I picked up Who Fears Death, though, on christmas day, and sadly it did not last into 2012, as I devoured it obsessively and finished it on new years eve while at a party, because omg, I can’t think about anything but this story and there’s only 20 pages left….)

*Keeping in mind I hate superheroes, and don’t read sword and sorcery or urban fantasy. Epic fantasy is a possibility, but tends to go to the bottom of the pile in favour of shorter, more succinct books.


2 responses to “On the resolution to read more female authors: recommendations welcome

  1. Scan the entries in Holly Lisle’s Forum in the “I’m published” board. There are plenty of rising stars, and every entry states exactly what genre it is.

    • Unfortunately, the majority of those seem to be self published. I’ve never bought a self published book, and with my limited reading time, I’ve never been able to bring myself to make that leap into unknown territory. It’s not that I don’t think there are probably good books in there, it’s just that I know there’s no guarantee of quality with self published books. I know it’s not fair, there are crappy books getting published by traditional publishers too, but then, this has extended to my purchases of traditionally published books as well – I no longer buy a book off the shelf, I look for something that catches my eye, read the back blurb, then I check online for reviews before buying it.

      That said, that forum is great for what it is, but there’s no way to organize it so that it shows just novels, or just fantasy, let alone show me the blurb without having to click into it. I saw one labeled steampunk, but it didn’t really look like it was my style.

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