Soft Deadline for Finishing this Draft

So, my work is likely offering full time hours at the end of the month, and we’re broke, so I have to take it. That’s going to leave me with a lot less time to write. But I’m almost done this draft, and I have worked full time and still revised a novel, so it’s not going to *stop* me from writing – not even stop be from making significant progress on my writing.

Still, I’ve been at this revision a little over a year, and it’s going to be annoying to settle into a new routine, worse with having moved in with my Mother in law, and busing to work now – my routine is all messed up. Nothing going badly – the move went as well as it could have, and everyone’s getting along in our little combined household, it’s just, changes, and adjusting to changes is stressful, and even more so for my poor little Aspie brain.

So I want to get this draft done before july 28th. And then I’ll be able to do full novel trades, and have a couple lined up, even. I’m excited to have found a critique partner (through Miss Snark’s First Victim Critique Partner Dating Service) who’s actually pro published and repped. She was looking for a writer of similar calibre to trade critiques with, and I seem to have passed muster. I look forward to our partnership. 🙂

I’m through part one, with only revisions based on critiques yet to do, and those have been pretty much cosmetic so far. No major changes in the plot.

Anyway, today I’m off to the first critique meeting of Winnspec, a new sci-fi-fantasy writer’s group, at the library, so I’m off to print off my material.


2 responses to “Soft Deadline for Finishing this Draft

  1. Good luck with the new routine Lindsay. My expereince is that I’ve pretty much worked full time since I was 21, and my wife and I have raised two children over the past 20 years – but through all this time I wanted to write.

    Over a long time I learnt something about marshallling two precious resources: time to write AND the emotional energy to do good work in that time. You have to have both to make progress, but I also realised, eventually, that there’s a limited amount of time and energy avaialble for writing, and if I don’t get my writing work done as fast as I want to, then so be it.


    • Thanks. I do well with goals and deadlines – it helps me organize my time if I give myself a deadline. If I blow it, I don’t beat myself up over it, but it gives me something to try for, that goal of getting the novel done, and the deadline of a certain time to have it done by. I really can’t wait to be starting to query this novel, it’s my best work yet.

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