My Blog Is One Year Old – Anniversary Post

So – A year ago, I finally decided I should make sure that my name is available as a domain, and I should squat on it, and if I’m going to squat on a domain, I might as well do something with it. Besides, I keep hearing that it’s a good idea to get a web presence built up before you get published, to hopefully have readers waiting for your work when it comes out. That, and to log some old posts so that you have material for people to browse when they come to your site.

And so my little blog was born. I’ve had fun posting, and my Aspergers brain likes the stats page that shows me how many hits on what posts. It’s like a turn based strategy game. It makes my autism happy, as my husband would say.

They’re right when they say it takes time to develop a following. My first month the number of hits on the site was piddly. But after about six months, it climbed to the two to three hundred hits per month range, and more recently, cracking six hundred. I even have subscribers now, and they are much loved.

Anyway, to commemorate the anniversary of my first post, I figured I would highlight some of my most popular posts.

Steampunk vs Dieselpunk: A post on the differences between the two, by far getting the most clicks for a specific post. The only thing that has got more hits is my homepage.

Occupy Winnipeg: My first brush with activism: My report on the opening of occupy Winnipeg last spring. Local events did manage to draw more attention – I’m guessing because there are fewer other sources covering them.

Report on Keycon 29: Self explanatory, also benefited from being one of few local sources covering the event.

6 Essential Dieselpunk Movies: After the Steampunk vs Dieselpunk post seemed such a hit, I figured I’d do more of that, seeing as I’m writing Dieselpunk and all, with similar success.

I really don’t understand how some people can be so stupid: A lament on the abuse heaped on a poor unsuspecting author by a readership with a terrifying sense of entitlement.

And, last, but not least, a highlight of search terms that brought people to my site. Not the most common ones – those are boring; just various spellings and misspellings of my name and combinations of Dieselpunk and the trappings thereof. No, I’ll just give you the most entertaining ones, and the ones that made me go wtf:

стиль dieselpunk: NFC.

people walking on the street & shouting/people walking: These two, I’m guessing were taking people to my Occupy Winnipeg post, but I thought it was random.

final fantasy advent children who is the girl in the pink dress?: *Spoiler alert* She’s a character from the original video gam, who had a rather mysterious past. The spelling of her name varies between Aeris and Aerith, and *Spoiler alert**Spoiler alert**Spoiler alert**Spoiler alert**Spoiler alert**Spoiler alert**Spoiler alert**Spoiler alert**Spoiler alert**Spoiler alert**Spoiler alert* she dies at the end of disc 1 when Sephiroth runs her through with his sword.

andrew garard: I have no idea who this is, and I don’t recall having ever posted anything with the name in it.

i’m not good at dealine: Sucks to be you, huh?

bradley p. beaulieu the straits of galahesh torrent: Book wasn’t even out and someone was trying to pirate it….

it bothers me too much when someone unfollows me on twitter: Seriously?

white wolf enjoy sex merit: Not sure which book you’d find this one in.

часы diesel punk: NFC.

why wont friends and family buy my published work: Because they’re afraid they won’t like it and you’ll force them to either hurt your feelings or lie to you. Stop pressuring them.

*   *   *   *   *

So there’s the rundown of the first year of my blog. I’m pretty happy with it overall. Warm welcomes to all my current followers and all new ones that show up. I’m sure year two will be even more interesting, as I begin submitting my novel.


5 responses to “My Blog Is One Year Old – Anniversary Post

  1. So by end July 2013 your novel might indeed be out there and who knows you might have some other work out there in the pubic domain that draws people, and you haven’t even written it yet, haven’t even dreamed it up yet!

    Anyway, happy 1st birthday to your post, and here’s to a second glorious year!

    Maybe one day you’ll have so much traffic your agent will have to put something on here that says:

    “Ms Kitson is grateful for all of your comments, but unfortunately she is unable to reply to every post on this site”

    or something like that. Will that be a happy day or a sad one?

    Good luck anyway, and well done


    PS – The ballgowns and dress uniforms are on!

    • I doubt there will be really much in the pubic domain to draw people – I have no plans to branch into erotica anytime soon. (Sorry, couldn’t resist!)

      Anyway, enjoy the ball. 🙂

  2. Ha! There was a point going through the beta read (and you’ll know where) when I thought: ‘well, Lindsay could do a very creditibable turn as a writer of erotica if she wanted to.’

    But thinking about it now I wonder if you could do even better than that. I’m reminded of the discussion in a previous post when you said that if you discover a new genre of writing “you become frelling famous” So, maybe the world is now ready for…….Dieselpunk Erotica! (Maybe)

    Anyway, I’m off to the Ball 😉

    • Well, there already anthologies for steampunk erotica.

      I keep trying to find erotica I like, but there’s not much out there. The erotica genre seems dominated by women who want nothing more than a sexy man to rescue them, and men who are domineering to the point of abusive. I don’t get it. I keep deciding to give this one a chance, and I keep being disappointed. I think maybe I just hate all romance unless it’s cleverly disguised as sex. I suspect if I tried to write erotica, the mainstream erotica publishers might reject me for being too liberated. 😛

      But enjoy the ball – everybody’s about to find out where the Paddlewheel Queen got the money to buy a riverboat. 🙂

      • I’ve been to the ball, and I was not disappointed! email to you to follow soon.

        My knowledge of erotica is pretty much zero. But I do wonder whether the old stereotypes of dominant man and ‘rescued’ woman are a bit passe now. I am sure some people still like all that, but please people come on……

        I’m sure there are writers out there who are experimenting with the genre – but if it was just the dominant woman and ‘rescued’ man that would seem almost as boring as the first scenario. I suspect something that is just a bit different might work – something that isn’t trying to be overtly traditional as in: man rescues woman, she shows her gratitude in the ususal way – yawn 🙂 or just a shallow invert of that trope. Something where there is a more equal balance between the characters, more intelligence.

        Anyway, a bit hypothetical from my point of view because it’s not a genre I do. Stick to the Dieselpunk, not least because you enjoy it. (Of course ch 10 does add a certain something to story)

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