Thank You To My Blog Readers – and Please Introduce Yourselves!

I’ve seen bloggers in the past talking about how wonderful their followers are, and never thought much of it. But lately, I’ve been finding I get what they’re talking about. It’s been a while now, and I’ve managed to accumulate some blog followers, both friends I’ve met in real life, and online. Of late, I’ve kind of been laying myself bare, confessing my dreams and all. I’ve always been afraid to do that, because I’ve been torn down so much in my life, told I shouldn’t hope for things I want, and that my dreams are unrealistic, I should get my head out of the clouds.

I never mentioned this, but there’s a section in the flight manual that says that every student goes through a period where they feel incompetent, and worry that they’ll never get it and maybe aren’t meant to fly, but that you just have to practice and push through it, and you will get it. I did have that moment, starting to get frustrated with landings not coming together as fast as I’d expected. I didn’t talk about it, but like I usually do, just fought down those feelings and told myself I just needed practice, and I did. I’ve mostly got it now, and Friday my instructor had me do a tailwind landing for the first time (with the wind blowing you towards the runway instead of away – makes your ground speed faster, harder to judge when to start descending) and I got it well enough the first time to not have to overshoot (realize the landing isn’t gonna happen this time around and pull up to try again) or backtrack (run out of runway to take off again after landing and have to turn around and go back to the beginning of the runway.)

And every time I’ve posted about difficulties, and especially when I posted about running into road blocks and getting discouraged, I’ve gotten nothing but support and encouragement in the comments. Not just from friends, but from random people who I don’t even know how they found my blog! Like a gust pushing me on, up to the sky, you guys are the wi….no. No, not gonna go there.

Anyway, I want, first of all, to thank you all for your kind words – it really has helped. And second, I wanted to invite you to introduce yourselves. Especially the the ones I don’t know, or haven’t interacted with outside of this blog, I find myself curious to know who you are and what brings you here. And the people I do know from elsewhere, by all means, introduce yourselves too – I know some of you have your own blogs and who knows, maybe you’ll meet someone here who’s interested in following your blog. I’ve always been afraid to ask for feedback on anything on my blog so far – I’m scared no one would answer 😛 But I think I have enough followers now that at least someone will reply.

Just reply to this post with your introduction – you don’t have to give your name, just a bit about you, how you came to find my blog, and if you’re a fellow writer, what do you write? And if you’re a published writer, feel free to post a link to where we can buy your work. I may have more than one pilot following, I think, so if you’re a pilot, tell us about that too.

I look forward to hearing from you!

P. S.: On the Aviation Medical Front – my family doctor has faxed in the report they wanted and Civil Aviation Medicine has received it. It should be processed today or tomorrow, and with any luck, that will be all they need, and they’ll send it on to licencing. *fingers crossed* If all goes well, first solo could potentially be Wednesday.

ETA: I have my cat 1 medical certificate in my hot little hands!


10 responses to “Thank You To My Blog Readers – and Please Introduce Yourselves!

  1. Hi Lindsay,
    I think I found your blog doing a search for dieselpunk, which is currently my favorite fiction genre, especially to write. I’m putting out a serial novel which as 6 parts. In the later parts (I think starting with part 3, but I recently reorganized them, so I’m a little less certain than I should be), one of my characters gets to fly with a pilot in a plane based on 1920s and 30s early small planes. I’m not an expert by any means, but I did a fair amount of reading in order to write this part intelligently. There’s also a dog fight at the end of the book. It’s called THE CITY DARKENS, and you can currently download part one from my blog for free. You can also buy parts 1 and 2 on Amazon and B&N, 99 cents each. I’ll eventually release the whole thing as one volume as well as in parts, but it’s going to be a little while as I’m waiting on a beta reader to finish the later parts. Anyway, thanks for giving permission to promote. I should also say, the book could be categorized as lgbt fantasy, so it’s not going to work for everyone.

    Good for you for pushing through your uncertainties. I had a terrible bout of writer’s block for over two years (this was about five years ago) and I might never have gotten over it if I didn’t have a teacher who pushed me to overcome the same sorts of anxieties you describe. When you have a passion, the only way to be truly healthy and sane is to pursue it, no matter what. Nothing else really matters. Worries over whether or not you’re likely to become a best seller (or some similar pinnacle goal for pilots), whether or not what you’re doing is useful to the world (one of my big worries at the time), whether or not that person who doubts you is right–all of that is irrelevant in the end. You must pursue your passion because it you don’t, you’re not complete. And I also happen to think that if you drive yourself hard enough to pursue that passion, you will succeed. But that can’t be the thing that sustains you, because success sometimes takes a long time to unfold. The passion itself must sustain you. At least, that’s been my experience!

    • Hi, Sophia – I do get a lot of blog hits for the word “Dieselpunk” – it still accounts for a fair bit of my traffic, which is awesome. I’m glad I’ve been useful to you 🙂

  2. Hi All

    I’ve got to know Lindsay online rather than face to face, through a writing critique website, we’ve critiqued each others work – me mainly commenting on Lindsay’s Eyelet Dove novel.

    Im a writer – mainly of Space Opera genre, but I also do soem tutoring on a writers course, and I enjoy giving constructive criticism of other peoples work – so reviewing Eyelet Dove was a pleasure for me.

    I’ve also been following Lindsay’s life and challeneges here online; and it’s been good to see how things are working out for her.

    Lindsay – I (continue to) wish you all the best for your writing and flying. The best is yet to come!


    • And a rewarding critiquing partnership it has been 🙂 It’s sometimes hard to find the right kind of feedback that you need, and when you get find a good critique partner, you gotta hang onto them!

  3. Hi all,

    I met Lindsay on HTRYN, and I’ve followed her blog ever since! Linsday, I love your outspoken opinions about writing, politics and now this wonderful new direction in your life – flying. Go fly-girl!

    Nancy from snowy Colorado

    • Wow – I’ve been painfully shy so much of my life, it’s still weird to see myself called “outspoken” 😛

      I haven’t been much on HTRYN lately, but it was definitely a big part of improving my revision skills. Good luck with you own writing 🙂

  4. Hello! Two parts Cowardly Lion, one part Hufflepuff and one part Methos (a la “Highlander: The Series”), I started following Ms. Kitson’s blog after doing some research on “dieselpunk,” but I’ve stuck around because I admire (and, to a greater extent, envy) her ambition and resourcefulness, which are quite inspiring. Personally, I enjoy making art and writing but haven’t cultivated any discipline around them … though I have been percolating on a young adult dieselpunk tale. More generally, I wear the following labels: husband, parent (two girls, 4 and 7), illustrator/cartoonist and school bus driver–even, occasionally, in that order. I am cranky when overheated, accidentally funny, and vulnerable to the allure of warm cinnamon rolls.

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