Keycon Coming Up

If you’ve been following my blog long enough, you’ll know I go to my local scifi/fantasy con every year, Keycon. Last year I did a panel on query letters and synopses, and while I was hella nervous, it went quite well and was well attended.

This year I’ll be in two panels. The first one is helping fill the science track of paneling, and I’ll be talking about the science of flight. Because apparently somebody found out I know stuff about that. I’m really excited about that one, and I’ve been starting to put together pictures for a slideshow – they’re giving me the AV room, so I’ll bring my computer and hook it up to the projector. That one I’ll also be doing alone, which is a little extra nerve wracking, but for what I have planned, I think I can get myself into it enough to mostly forget to be nervous. I hope. So if you’re in the Winnipeg area, or have the means to be in the Winnipeg area for May long weekend, and want to hear me talk about flying, come on down to the Radisson hotel on Saturday.

Then on Sunday, I have another panel with two other authors, about Cyberpunk, Steampunk, and Dieselpunk. I understand Leia Getty will be covering Cyberpunk, Ann Aguirre will be with us covering Steampunk, as she’s working on a new Steampunk series, and I’ll be covering Dieselpunk.

Keycon has much more going on than just that, though, and there’s something for everyone. Well, all geeks, anyway.  So if you can make it, come, it’s a blast!


2 responses to “Keycon Coming Up

  1. Lindsay, that’s AWESOME! How amazing that you’ve been sought out as an expert both on your passion, flying, and something fun, like dieselpunk. I wish I could go! Have a wonderful time.

  2. Sadly I’m in the wrong country and continent for this, but I hope it goes well for you Lindsay – who knows maybe you’ll inspire someone to learn to fly!

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