Dating A Pilot

Reposting this because I think it’s awesome 😛 So annoying when people assume that “Pilot” automatically means male.

Cessna Chick

UPDATE to this blog post for those who want to know more about: Dating an Airline Pilot

Many of you may know already that I’m dating a regional airline pilot. I’ll actually tell you his name, Jake. I’m also just sick of writing “my boyfriend.” He is the reason why I’m interested in aviation, but we could break up and I’d still want to fly.

Now, the real reason I’m writing this post. When you date a pilot, you’re inducted into this special society of “pilot wives/girlfriends” which is nice in a way, because the lifestyle is different having your S.O. away for 4 days every week. But I find a lot of these women are prone to “pilot worship” their husband is GOD because he flies a plane. Him being a pilot is also always the excuse for any less-than-satisfactory-behavior. Just blame it on “oh, it’s a pilot thing.”

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3 responses to “Dating A Pilot

  1. You should add to that list.

    – always identifying planes flying overhead or on TV, also runways, flight patterns, etc. Often in the middle of utterly unrelated conversation
    – always pointing out inconsistencies in TV or movies no one else would care about
    – having cooler headphones than everyone else because they’re using their goddamn flight headset… Fucking pilots having better toys….

    And I’m not even dating you. :p I bet Nathan has more.

  2. What would be interesting would be to hear more from you Lindsay, about your experiences as a female pilot, any sexism you’ve encountered. We would be hearing about your experiences first hand which would be very interesting.

    I do wonder whether and how quickly we’ll see the complete break down of gender assumptions about professions. So that terms like:

    “I’m dating a surgeon” or even “I’m dating a nanny” or “I’m dating a midwife” become meaningless in terms of cues about gender. I guess there’s another sub-debate about any professions that might require males or females (how would women think about having a male midwife? I don’t know!)

    But again, I want to hear your reflections Lindsay on being a female pilot – maybe there’s nothing to say I don’t know!


    PS Thanks for pointing out my website malfunction on FB!

    • I’ll have to write up something then. I haven’t run into a lot of sexism, honestly – at least, not within the aviation industry. Any incidents I’ve run into, I’ve mentioned as they come up, but I can try and put together a post about my own experiences and others. If I get to see my instructor, or the other female instructor before I post it, I’ll ask them if they have anything more to share than they’ve told me already. My instructor had a cute/sad anecdote about peoples’ reaction when she tells them she’s a pilot.

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