They’re Writing Stuff About Me Again!

Now that I have my full private license, I got another article about me on the Women in Aviation week website:

And I’ve been informed that the same article is going to be printed in COPA flight, the newspaper for the Canadian Owners and Pilots Association, which is distributed to members across Canada. It’s kinda cool. And now I have the two beasts battling in my head again – the one that goes all shy when everyone’s looking at me, and the one that’s a terrible attention whore. So I’m just going to sit here and grin like an idiot.


4 responses to “They’re Writing Stuff About Me Again!

  1. Maybe you can find a space in between “attention whore” and “all shy”? I’m guessing that there is somewhere in the middle of these, or even a place where you reject them both, that is the authentic you. I think that’s the place to be.

    Notwithstanding that, I have an image in my head of you as “Lindsay Kitson – motivational speaker”. Maybe you should get an agent 😉

    • I dunno about motivational speaker – that might be a bit much. I’m more of a “Wanna see something cool? Watch this!” kinda girl.

      Granted – then I think back to Keycon, where I managed to make enough of an impression on people in the steampunk panel that people were hunting me down to ask if I had any published fiction they could buy. When I’m prepared to talk to a crowd, I can do it, especially in a panel setting where I can have people asking questions, or when I’m bouncing ideas off of other panelists.

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