General Update Because I’ve Been Busy

Everything’s happening at once.

We’re moving, and it might be sooner than we’d planned, which is good, but stressful. Still, just as well to get things over with, if it’s going to happen. We found a place where we won’t have to hide the cats, and we just need to find out if we get approved, thanks to a friend who spotted the rental listing on facebook.

I’m putting off rewriting that one section of the commercial exam because there’s just too much going on right now to deal with it.

Women In Aviation Week: that happened, and it was big, exhausting day for this aspie. We had fifteen women interested in flying out at Lyncrest, though, with limited planes that had skis, we only managed to get a couple of them into the air. We had lots of time to chat though, which is cool, because my husband gets tired of listening to me talk about flying…

Four year old asks the tough questions: I was over at my critique partner’s house (she gets mad when I call her my BFF) and her nephew, who likes planes and has been told about me, asked “Are you really going to be a pilot?”

I said “I already am.” He seemed very confused. I assumed perhaps he didn’t understand what a pilot was, so I elaborated, “I fly a plane.”

He still looked confused, and finally he asked “If you have a plane, then why do you have a car?”

Valid question. I tried to explain that the roads weren’t really wide enough.

Writing: Been querying. There have been developments. I don’t see a lot of people talking about getting requests for full manuscripts, so I don’t know if that’s because it happens so infrequently, or if it’s because there’s some faux pas about saying when you’ve got an agent looking at your manuscript, but there have been developments. I am hopeful. Cross your fingers for me.

Like I said, everything’s happening at once.


8 responses to “General Update Because I’ve Been Busy

  1. I feel a really bad metaphor thingy coming on I apologise now:

    Reading this makes me think you are like a plane taxiing out on to the runway of life, getting ready for takeoff!! Yeah!

    I said it was bad.

    Anyway, really wishing you the best – sucess and failure are slippery b******s but at least you are having a proper go at EVERYTHING – good luck to you!


    • heh – fuel up = outline the story > File flight plan=write the story > Check weather=revise the story > check over the plane=write query/synopsis > taxi to run-up bay=send queries to agents > Run-up checks with engine on=agent requested rewrites > line up on runway=sign with agent > takeoff roll=agent gets you contract > rotate=publication.

      It works. Just, you know, waiting for the weather to turn so we can get this bird off the ground – she’s all ready to fly.

      But you’re totally right, it feels like I might be right on the edge of getting somewhere with my writing. It would be really cool to be able to show up at my local con able to tell everyone I have an agent now.

      • It might be quite cool for everyone else to turn up at your local con wondering if you’ll be there 😉

        But seriously, I know you wont get carried away with all this, I wish you well.

        Glad you liked the take off / life analogy thing

  2. Hide the cats? Just pretend they’re very large rats, or mutant squirrels that wandered in. Or that they don’t exist and the visitor is hallucinating.

    What your four year old friend needs is the Flying Car. There really is one now, though it costs $100,000+ and has only one seat, but it uses a fabric paravane which is a lot more practical than the usual folding or demountable wings.

    Best of luck querying! All my fingers and toes are crossed.


    • This apartment allows cats – hiding the cats is something we didn’t want to have to worry about.

      And yeah, I’m aware of the flying car – that would be the Terrafugia. I dread the implications of it. I may go into more detail on my reasons in a future post. My dread mainly revolves around how the general populace in general is just not intelligent enough to cope with it.

      Thank you so much for the well-wishes though. I feel like I’m *this* close to my break. I’ve never said that before either.

  3. The Terrafugia looks interesting but actually isn’t the one I meant. The Terrafugia has four seats and rigid wings. Googling reveals there are more flying cars than I thought, several using paravanes. I was thinking of the SkyRunner ( which is limited but looks more plausible than most. A bit like a cross between a microlight and a small all-terrain vehicle.


    • Interesting. That actually doesn’t seem all that practical, unless they have some efficient way of deploying and retracting the parasail. The makers of the terrafugia are also working on another car that would essentially be a helicopter.

      • The parasail works just like a microlight’s. Parasails or rotors do seem better for a flying car than rigid wings. The SkyRunner certainly looks like the best car of the bunch, with four proper-sized and widely-spaced wheels. It would make a good (though expensive!) ATV without ever flying.

        On Sat, Mar 15, 2014 at 3:14 AM, Lindsay Kitson – Dieselpunk Author wrote:

        > Lindsay Kitson commented: “Interesting. That actually doesn’t seem all > that practical, unless they have some efficient way of deploying and > retracting the parasail. The makers of the terrafugia are also working on > another car that would essentially be a helicopter. ” >

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