New Year’s post 2015

One of the neat things about blogging is kind of the same as keeping a journal or diary – I can go back and see where I was a year ago. 2014 was a rough year. I was recovery from a move, and suffered a lot of setbacks and stress.

Anyway, as I’ve established tradition, here’s my new year’s goals from last year and my assessment of my completion:

– Stay happily married and not die. Gonna call this a success – my husband and I are one of the most stable couples I know. So far, not dead yet.

– Do my three hundred nautical mile trip requirement for my commercial license. Done!

– Get my commercial license Holy shit man, I did it!

– Get a good ways through revisions on Skybound. Okay, I got some good progress on this – I’m gonna call it a win.

– Write a short story for that idea I came up with inspired by the documentary “Blackfish”. Not done. Not done at all. Maybe I’ll do it someday, but I did write a 9.8k story that I absolutely love and sent it to, who have had it for 3 months now, and not responded, and my fingers are crossed 🙂

– Reading: I think I want to get back to reading more female authors again. I also want to get through a bunch of novels I’ve had kicking around on my TBR list – The Name of the Wind being one major one, I need to get to, because people keep raving about it, and we have it and the second book. hahaha. Okay, did not read The Name of The Wind. Honestly I haven’t had a lot of time to read this year, but I read my friend Sherry Peter’s debut novel Mabel the Lovelorn Dwarf, and Elizabeth Wein’s White Raven, Black Dove. 

So, writing wise I did so-so last year, because I was focusing on flying. But holy crap, the goals I set for flying, I not only met, but exceeded, because I not only finished my commercial licence, but rather than slough off the rest of the summer, I got my float rating. The commercial license, I was thinking, okay, this is a challenge, but not unreasonable, but it’s also huge. I didn’t want to just leave my 300nm for this year and hope to make the next step next year, I went ahead and put down that I was going to get my commercial license. I believed in myself and I did it.

And it’s not like I haven’t had challenges and setbacks. My freaking car died in the middle of getting my float rating, and I almost didn’t finish it. I might not have finished but for the grace of the weather gods who deemed to leave the weather nice and Norris Lake un-frozen into mid November.

Still need a new car.

And then there was the event that shall thus forward be known as the great hard drive failure of 2015, and my computer was limping along booting linux from a flash drive for a month.

But I prevailed. I was awesome.


And now that I’ve been suitably poetic and inspirational, my goals for 2016:

-Not die. I’m re-phrasing this from previous years – the original was “survive another year” followed by “Screw survival, I want to LIVE.” I’m living now, so I’ll be happy with keeping myself safe in the process!

-Get my IFR rating.

-Get my Multi-engine rating.

-Writing wise, finish a revision of Skybound. I think that’s reasonable.

-Short stories:write one. Any one. I do about one a year. It’s fine.

-Reading: I think this year, if anything, the goal should be to read more books period. Gonna put The Name Of The Wind on that list again though, along with my new favourite author’s newest book, Illuminae, and Chad Ginther’s trilogy finale, Too Far Gone, and if I can make it to that one, Sherry’s sequel, Mabel, the Mafioso Dwarf. Also, at least one female author and at least one POC author.

You’ll see “getting a job as a pilot” is conspicuously absent from that list. Part of that is realizing that in the past, making a goal of getting published or selling something was something I wasn’t entirely in control of. And maybe I’m wrong – maybe getting a job as a pilot isn’t unreasonable in the next 12 months, after I get my multi-IFR rating. It may very well be in the cards. But I’m going to leave that as icing on the cake. If that happens, then I’ll consider myself of have exceeded my own expectations, though never my hopes, because I hope for all!

See, 12 months ago, I was coming to the end of “time-building”. This is building experience by taking friends for aeroplane rides, flying around for fun, etc. The hardest thing about that stage is the lack of definite flags on accomplishments. I’d definitely developed myself as a pilot, but there was nothing to say that I had done so. At the very least, I had passed the written test. In contrast, this year, I got my commercial license and everything.

I remember a couple of years ago saying, “this year has been rough and I have a feeling the next is going to be worse”, and I was right. Well, this has been a year of success, and I have a feeling next year will only get better. So much has happened and I feel like I’ve got the boulder to the top of the hill and I’m about to give it that last shove down the other side.

Lets roll!


5 responses to “New Year’s post 2015

  1. Happy New Year Lindsay! Pity your car just died, rather than fading away as old Buicks should, but it was much older than your computer. Anyway, congratulations on an impressive year!

    • It did fade. I drove that baby into the ground, until the engine was shutting off every time I stopped at a red light.

      Computer tech has plateaued, somewhat, though – computers don’t go obsolete quite as fast as they used to. They just break down if you get a dell or a gateway. Asus is good computers – they’re worth fixing. Macs are good computers…but are a bitch to fix. Even laptops are getting a lot easier to replace parts these days – its not like the old days where if the laptop broke down, you had to send it back to the manufacturer to get it repaired. This one’s about three years old now, and with the brushed metal finish, it could be a brand new computer if I wipe the keyboard down.

      • Wow! The Buick spontaneously developed engine stop/start technology! Mind you, it’s supposed to turn back on again the when you need to move off…

        My Sony laptop died in September and I’m using my sister’s Macbook Air at the moment. I’ll get a Macbook Air myself soon. They are very expensive but light and the brushed metal does look and feel well.

        • my laptop is an Asus zenbook, and has that brushed metal finish, without locking me into dealing with Mac quirkiness. Same quality equipment – most techie people seem to be favouring Asus the last few years. For a while it was Toshiba, but they seem to have migrated to Asus if they’re just just cobbling together a gaming pc. would definitely recommend, especially if you want an ultra-slim lappy with solid state hard drive that people will mistake for that mac-book air.

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