Aurora Nominations 2016

For those not in the know, the Auroras are kind of like the Hugos, but for Canada. And for those still with the deer-in-the-headlights look, the Hugos are like the Oscars or the Emmys, but for science fiction and fantasy writers.

Every year I get to watch my writerly friends post the obligatory Aurora nomination eligibility posts. “Hey – it’s aurora nomination season, and  if you’re so inclined, not campaigning or anything, but you should be aware I have x, y, and z short stories or novel that’s eligible.

And I smile and go fill out my nomination form, and think someday I’ll have something published that’s eligible. Someday I’ll make one of those posts.

And so I was reading those post and thinking that and realized wait a damn sec! I did get something published last year. And it’s totally eligible.

The Maestrom At The End Of The World was published in 2015, by Silence In The Library Publishing and I was paid pro rates. So yes, if you’re Canadian (ex-pats are also eligible!) and you’re so inclined, I do have a story eligible this year that you can nominate.

As do many of my friends, including Chadwick Ginther, and Marie Bilodeau. Sherry Peters and E.C. Bell, who I shared a Chiseries reading with, both have novels eligible this year. I’d especially like to point out another member of my critique group, Timothy Gwyn,  who has a couple of short stories published, and I’m certain has an illustrious publication future ahead of him.

Here’s a link to the eligibility lists. Many of them (including Timothy Gwyn’s), if the works are available online, have links to the publication.

Membership is a piddly ten dollars (here’s the link to sign up, since the site is not especially well organized), and the deadline is March 19th. The site is a bit confusing, since voting is just for the short list and that doesn’t come out for a few months yet. What’s open right now is nominations, and you can do that here after you’ve joined or renewed your membership.

So if recognizing the best of Canadian science fiction and fantasy matters to you, this is the Grey Cup of fantasy and science fiction and you’re the ones who decide who wins. It’s the American Idol for writers – come on, you guys love this shit. Nominate, and when the time comes, vote!


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