My Fiction

Published Work:


The Maelstrom At The End Of The World, in Athena’s Daughters Volume 2, published by Silence In The Library Publishing: Available for pre-order.

Short Story:

Two Foxes – Published in Chapbook for Keycon


Bitch in Heat – Published by


Twitter microfiction – Published by Thaumatrope

Free Short Story:

The Fisherman’s Wife: A fisherman’s daughter makes a discovery that will tear her family apart.

Redwing: Currently submitting to agents

A Dieselpunk fantasy novel about a people’s revolution. Avalice’s impoverished middle class grows restless with the indulgences and warmongering of their King and nobles in their flying fortresses and chateaus in the sky.

In “Redwing”, hangar deck crewwoman, Claire is determined to become Avalice’s first woman fighter pilot. When Michel, ace pilot and the Admiral’s errant bastard son, grants her wish, Claire knows he’ll exact payment from her one day.

While training on the flying aircraft carrier Omnipotent, Claire is persecuted by her fellow pilots who aren’t happy with a woman taking her place beside them in the sky, but finds an unlikely ally in Michel. In the meantime, Avalice is restless, and the war is driving the poor to starvation. Rebellion stirs, led by one of Claire’s old friends from the hangar deck.

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