The Steampunkette Has A New Author’s Website!

My fellow blogger Erin Latimer, AKA the Steampunkette, of The Punkettes Blog has a new author’s website, and it looks gorgeous. She’s also got an interesting thing she’s starting – an interactive storytelling thing. I’ll let you guys read about it in her own words. I was going to send her a rune, but my idea was one that when inscribed on the side of a carburetor, raises the air pressure of the air surrounding an aeroplane and thus raising it’s service ceiling – but I don’t know if that really fits a gothic fantasy story…


The Punkettes, Grande Opening Announcement

Would have announced this a few days ago when they set a date for the blog launch, but I’ve been on a long string of shifts on the day job. I have now negotiated with the cat for approximately half the rocking chair, so that I can sit while I write a blog post. This picture captures said feline’s personality fairly well, so you know what I mean.

So there’s a new blog starting up, called The Punkettes. Steampunkette, Erin Latimer will be blogging there about Steampunk, Clockpunkette, Rebecca Sky will be blogging about Clockpunk, and yours truly will be appearing there as the Dieselpunkette.

I’m pretty excited to have been invited to join them in their adventures in blogging. We’ll be reviewing books in the genre, and I hope to be also reviewing other media as well – music, movies and TV shows, as well as blogging on other genre topics, such as costuming and gadgetry, and anything else related that we think other lovers of the genre might be interested in.

Anyway, we’ve got tons of stuff lined up for giveaways for new followers and anyone spreading the word, so stop by on sept 1st and find out all the ways you can enter, and wish us luck!