Addendum To “The Fisherman’s Wife”

So, I posted a short story free a few weeks ago, and one of my critique partners, who teaches creative writing, asked me if he could use it in one of his classes (as an example of what to do, of course, not what not to do). Of course I told him, well, technically he doesn’t need my permission. But he said he was just being polite, and then I remembered he was British, and being Canadian myself, I get that.

So around the end of november, my story “The Fisherman’s Wife” was part of the curriculum at the Lakes School of Writing, across the pond. Which, I’m pretty proud of.


Celebration To Commemorate My 100th Twitter Follower

So, I went all the way to Vancouver and me the Steampunkette and the Clockpunkette in person, for the first time. We had a ball together, and I can’t wait for another chance to get together with them. (Crossing my fingers they can make it out to Winnipeg for Keycon next May.)

Anyway I’m slowly accumulating twitter followers, and have thought, you know, I should do something special, when I hit 100. I thought of a giveaway, but I don’t know that I’d necessarily be giving away something that my 100th follower would want. I’ve kind of agonized about having that thing be posting a short story for free – any short story I’d be willing to post would be one I still think I could sell, and if I post it for free, I can’t sell it.

But I’ve decided I will do it anyway, because you people deserve something for sticking with me, and this is something I can give to all of my followers. (As opposed to the twitternauts who follow me, wait three days, and when I don’t follow back because their entire feed is tweets trying to sell me something/what they had for dinner and how many times they go to the bathroom, they un-follow me.)

Well, I’m sitting at 99 twitter followers. So if you want to see that story, I’m @Lindsay_Kitson. Follow me, and the story goes up. It will be posted permanently on my website, as free content, for anyone to read. Link will be posted here and on

eta: And there we are – up to 101 now, at the moment. I had faith, but I wasn’t sure it would happen quite that fast 😛 Formatting the page for the story now while I procrastinate finishing today’s scene for my nano novel.